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W.Va. congressional leaders say they are ready to work with new president, administration


Similar to that of President Joe Biden’s message during his inauguration on Wednesday, West Virginia’s congressional leaders are calling for unity, saying they are ready to work with the new administration.

Republican Congresswoman Carol Miller, who was in attendance, tells Eyewitness News that the ceremony was beautiful. As someone who supported Donald Trump throughout his presidency, Miller congratulated President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris but still expressed her concern about how he will view the coal, gas and oil industry.

However, she says the next four years will be about compromise.

“Biden has been a more moderate Democrat in his history. I’m hoping that we can build upon these things that we have in common. But again, I’m concerned about our energy resources and so I want to make sure that we can do that,” she said.

Republican U.S. Sen Shelley Moore Capito congratulated Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, saying she stands ready to work with them and hopes they will work with Congress in a way that is uniting.

“Today, I congratulate President Biden and Vice President Harris on their inauguration,” Capito said in a statement. “As we have since 2000, Charlie and I had the opportunity to witness this transfer of power. I stand ready to work with President Biden, Vice President Harris, and their administration to improve the lives of West Virginians. Our country faces many challenges ahead and we cannot let the issues that have divided us keep us from making progress. As we begin this next chapter, I hope that President Biden and Vice President Harris will work with Congress in a way that unites us so we can bridge these divisions and create a better future for all Americans.”

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin said he will do all that is in his power to work with the new president to help heal the country.

“Today begins a new chapter for the United States of America and her people,” Manchin said. “I extend my most sincere congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on their inauguration. Every American should want our president to succeed because if our president does well, our nation and state do well. I will do everything in my power to work with President Biden to help heal our county and to govern in the most bipartisan way because it should be about our country, democracy, the rule of law and saving our republic. We must come together to heal this political divide. God bless America.”

Republican Congressman Alex Mooney said he is praying for the new president as he begins his time in the White House.

“Today I traveled to U.S. Capitol to witness the peaceful transition of power. This great American tradition began with George Washington and has continued since. I join my fellow Americans in praying for our new President Joe Biden as he begins his term,” Mooney said.

Republican Congressman David McKinley tweeted his congratulations to the new president and vice president on Wednesday. “Congratulations to @POTUS Joe Biden and @VP Kamala Harris on their historic #Inauguration. I look forward to working together to find bipartisan solutions that will strengthen the future of our nation,” the tweet said.

Congresswoman Miller also said she is looking forward to working with the new leaders on Twitter.

“Congratulations President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. I look forward to working together to find solutions that will benefit West Virginians and all Americans. God bless the United States of America,” Miller tweeted on Wednesday.