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Jobs & Economic Growth

Growing Our Economy:

Congressman Alex Mooney is committed to bringing jobs and opportunities to the Mountain State. As a conservative Republican, Congressman Mooney believes cutting taxes and bureaucratic red tape will grow the economy for all West Virginia families and businesses.

Our economy has been decimated by Biden’s liberal tax and spend agenda and the war on coal. Congressman Mooney supports many policies to bring jobs and growth to West Virginia, including:

Tax Cuts for Working Families:

  • In 2017, Congressman Mooney voted for President Trump’s historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. When these tax cuts were signed into law, the average family living in West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional Districts saw a $1,655 reduction in taxes. This brought much-needed tax relief for West Virginia families and small businesses.
  • Congressman Mooney voted to double the standard deduction for all taxpayers, meaning that a couple’s first $24,000 of annual income will be tax free.

Protecting West Virginia Homeowners:

  • In response to increased fees imposed by the Biden Administration on home buyers with good credit, Congressman Mooney cosponsored the Responsible Borrower Protection Act (H.R. 2928) and the Middle Class Borrower Protection Act (H.R. 3564). These bills both passed the House of Representatives and would cancel out fees driving up costs on West Virginia families.

Supporting Small Businesses:

  • Rural communities face a wide variety of difficulties when it comes to getting the funding they need to launch a small business. That is why Congressman Mooney introduced the “Expanding Access to Capital for Rural Job Creators Act” to survey the problems small businesses in rural areas face when attempting to access capital. This bill, which passed the House of Representatives, would make it easier for rural small businesses to navigate bureaucracy and grow their businesses.


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