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Foreign Affairs & National Security

Keeping America Safe:

As a staunch conservative, Congressman Mooney is committed to protecting the American values of freedom and democracy from foreign threats. His father served honorably in the Vietnam War, and his mother fled political persecution after being imprisoned by Fidel Castro in Communist Cuba. Congressman Mooney believes a strong military is the best way to avoid unnecessary wars. He supports a wide range of policies to protect America, bring our troops home, and foster positive diplomatic relationships.

Repealing the Authorizations for Use of Military Force Against Iraq:

  • The 2002 Iraq Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) gave President George W. Bush permission to carry out military attacks against Iraq and Saddam Hussein. This AUMF has been used to justify military actions for more than 20 years—long after Saddam Hussein’s regime has been toppled. Congressman Mooney supports reasserting congressional oversight of military interventions by repealing this AUMF.
    • He is a cosponsor of H.R. 932, which would repeal the authorizations for use of military force against Iraq. 

Supporting Our Allies:

  • As one of America’s most important allies, Israel’s security is of the utmost importance. Congressman Mooney has cosponsored various bills to strengthen ties between the United States and Israel including:
    • H.R. 6940, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which would express the sense of Congress that the United States government should actively oppose politically motivated actions to boycott, divest from or sanction Israel.
    • H.R. 2748, the Israel Relations Normalization Act, which would require the State Department to promote the normalization of relations between Israel and Arab states.
    • H.R. 2409, the U.S.-Israel Cooperation Expansion Act, which would promote cooperation with the Israeli government on issues of national security, law enforcement training, and embassy protection.
    • H.R. 3099, the Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords Act, which creates a permanent position in the State Department dedicated to building on one of President Trump’s signature foreign policy achievements, which furthered peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Holding Communist and Authoritarian Regimes Accountable:

  • Congressman Mooney, as the son of a Cuban refugee, believes that communism and socialism must be condemned worldwide.
    • He supported H.Con.Res. 9, a resolution denouncing the horrors of socialism and opposing the implementation of socialist policies in the United States.
  • Congressman Mooney believes that the rise of Communist China poses a serious threat to the United States and must be combatted. That’s why Congressman Mooney supported:
    • Creating the Committee on the Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party.
    • H.Res. 104, a resolution holding China accountable for flying a spy balloon over the United States.
    • Condemning China and Cuba for working together to establish a Chinese spy base and military training facility on the island 90 miles from the United States.
  • Congressman Mooney supports legislation to increase sanctions on Iran and hold them accountable for their nuclear weapons program, human rights abuses and targeting of U.S service members. He has supported the following bills and resolutions to oppose Iran:
    • H.Res. 100, expressing support for the Iranian people’s desire for a democratic, secular, and nonnuclear Republic of Iran, and condemning violations of human rights and state-sponsored terrorism by the Iranian Government.
    •  H.R. 3774, The Stop Harboring Iranian Petroleum (SHIP) Act, sanctions countries like China, who are helping Iran evade U.S sanctions by importing and exporting their oil.
    • H.R. 3152, The Fight and Combat Rampant Iranian Missile Exports (CRIME) Act, which imposes sanctions on those assisting Iran’s missile program.

Protecting our Land from Purchase by Foreign Adversaries:

  • Congressman Mooney supports legislation to prevent foreign adversaries from buying up U.S land and properties. This is particularly a concern with investors affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party buying U.S farmland near military bases.
    • He cosponsored H.R. 212, the Protecting Our Land Act, which directs the President to implement regulations prohibiting foreign adversaries or state sponsors of terrorism from purchasing U.S real estate. 

For more information concerning work and views related to Foreign Affairs and National Security, please contact our office.