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Congressman Mooney is a cosponsor of the “Stop CRT Act” (H.R. 3179). This bill would combat the spread of Critical Race Theory (CRT) by codifying President Trump’s executive order banning CRT from being used in trainings for federal employees.

Congressman Mooney cosponsored the “Preserving American History Act” (H.R. 514). This legislation would ensure that former President Trump’s 1776 Commission, which produced a patriotic history of our Founding Fathers and heritage, is codified into law. If passed, this bill would ensure that the 1776 Commission will continue, even under the Biden Administration.

Reopening Schools

Congressman Mooney is committed to ensuring kids return to in-person learning. He signed two letters to the Biden Administration requesting they follow CDC guidance and create a framework to allow children to return to in-person schooling as quickly as possible. Online schooling is simply not a proper substitute and the CDC has made it clear that children can return to the classroom safely with basic precautions. President Biden needs to listen to the scientists, not the teachers unions, when it comes to reopening our schools.

Education-Related Cosponsored Bills

  • Congressman Mooney cosponsored House Resolution 66, celebrating the contributions of Catholic schools in the United States.
  • In 2020, the congressman cosponsored the “Equal Treatment for Faith-Based Organizations Act” (H.R. 6099). This bill would reverse the discriminatory Obama-era policy that required faith-based providers of social services to both disclose their religious affiliation and refer clients to other providers. Additionally, the bill would ensure that faith-based organizations have an equal opportunity to apply for federal funding relative to secular organizations.

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