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U.S. Congressman Alex Mooney issues statement in support of investigation of Presidential Election


CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Congressman Alex Mooney, U.S. Representative for West Virginias 2nd Congressional District, issued a statement on Tuesday, saying he supports President Trump as he conducts a ‘fair and legal investigation of the Presidential Election.’

According to a statement released from Congressman Mooney’s Office, Mooney issued his statement in response to actions taken by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), at the direction of President Trump, to begin initial protocols in the event of a presidential transition.

The Congressman’s statement is below:

Alex Mooney

“I support President Trump’s decision to allow the GSA to make resources available to Joe Biden and his team. In no way does this mean that President Trump has conceded, nor do I believe he should concede given the allegations currently being investigated. The Trump Campaign is rightfully litigating evidence of fraud from sworn affidavits and pursuing constitutional violations in court to ensure the integrity of our election system. I agree with President Trump that every legal vote must be counted. I continue to stand with President Trump.”



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