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Rep. Mooney Statement on Voting Against Motion to Table

Congressman Alex X. Mooney today voted against a Motion to Table debate on an effort to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson, saying a full debate was needed for such a momentous action.

He then noted that he would vote against removing the speaker should the issue reach the floor of the House.

“Something as serious as removing another Speaker of the House deserves a full debate and an up-or-down vote right away,” Mooney said. “With House Republicans possessing such a narrow majority, now is not the time to freeze the operating status of the House of Representatives once again.”

Mooney added that he believes Republican efforts to rein in Biden policies demands unity.

“I do not support removing the Speaker of the House at this time,” Mooney said. “I believe my Republican colleagues should be united in defeating the radical Biden agenda. We must stand up to secure our border, defund the weaponization of our government, and hold the Biden administration accountable.”