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Rep. Mooney Statement on Latest Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Scheme

Washington, D.C – Today, President Joe Biden announced he is forgiving outstanding student loan debt for more than 30 million Americans, shifting the burden from those who willingly took out a loan to all taxpayers. This comes as President Biden has already unilaterally wiped away $146 billion in federal student loan debt without a single act of Congress.

“Today’s announcement is just the latest abuse of power by President Biden. The Supreme Court ruled last year that the President does not have the power to unilaterally cancel student loan debt. Yet, Biden is blatantly disregarding the Supreme Court’s ruling and continuing to overstep his constitutional authority. Even former Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the President doesn’t have the authority to forgive student loans,” said Congressman Alex X. Mooney.

Mooney added, “Student loan forgiveness is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth at the expense of hardworking West Virginians. If you take out a loan, you pay it back. American taxpayers should not have to foot the bill.”