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Rep. Mooney Statement on Biden DOJ’s Second Indictment of President Trump

Rep. Alex X. Mooney issued the following statement on the politically motivated indictment of President Donald Trump by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice:

“President Donald Trump has faced unprecedented attacks by Democrats. He was subjected to two sham impeachment trials, fake prosecutions by an extreme liberal New York prosecutor, had his home raided, and now the Department of Justice (DOJ) is again coming after Joe Biden’s leading political rival.

Joe Biden’s administration is run by left-wing political activists and this indictment of Donald Trump is the most recent example. Jack Smith is the latest swamp dweller that will do anything it takes to ensure that President Trump is kept out of the White House. Congress must hold the rogue DOJ accountable, and I support withholding funding to the DOJ until the department ceases pushing its blatantly partisan two tiers of justice. These disgusting abuses of power will fail, and Donald Trump will be elected again in 2024.”