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Rep. Mooney Statement on Biden DOJ Indictment of President Trump

WASHINGTON, DC – “Today’s indictment of President Donald Trump is the latest salvo in a long line of political assaults against the former president and leading Republican candidate for president in 2024. This is the first time the federal government has indicted a president and the first time a sitting president’s administration has indicted his opponent.

President Trump has faced unprecedented attacks by partisan Democrats. He has faced two sham impeachment trials, fake prosecutions by an extreme liberal New York prosecutor, had his home raided, and now Joe Biden’s DOJ is coming after him. The complete weaponization of the Department of Justice continues.

Joe Biden was found in possession of classified documents at his business office in Washington, D.C. and sitting in his garage in Delaware. Hillary Clinton carelessly stored classified information on a private email server in her home. Where are their indictments? This is total hypocrisy and a mockery of our justice system, which is allegedly blind.

Joe Biden’s Administration is run by left-wing political activists and this indictment of Donald Trump is the most recent example. These disgusting abuses of power will fail, and Donald Trump will be elected again in 2024.”