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Rep. Mooney Introduces Legislation to Crack Down on Mexico For Fentanyl Border Flood

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Alex X. Mooney introduced H.R. 3190, legislation to suspend economic development aid to Mexico until the President certifies that Mexico is working with the United States to crack down on the production and trafficking of fentanyl.

This legislation is in response to the patently false statement by Mexican President López Obrador that Here, we do not produce fentanyl, and we do not have consumption of fentanyl. Why don’t they [the United States] take care of their problem of social decay?”
The DEA said in December that
most of the fentanyl trafficked by the Sinaloa and CJNG Cartels is being mass-produced at secret factories in Mexico with chemicals sourced largely from China.”

There were 14,000 pounds of the drug seized last fiscal year at the southern border and more than 11,000 pounds this fiscal year so far. There were over 70,000 deaths recorded due to fentanyl in the U.S. in 2021, according to the National Institute of Health (Fox News, March 17, 2023).

“Fentanyl is pouring across our southern border because of the disastrous open border policies of President Biden and Mexico refusing to act against the cartels producing and trafficking it,” said Rep. Alex X. Mooney. “Mexico should not be rewarded with economic aid when they are failing to help stop the production of fentanyl that has killed thousands of my constituents.”