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Mooney Slams Partisan January 6th Committee Referrals

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Alex X. Mooney issued the following statement after today’s actions by the January 6th Committee:

Today’s referrals by the January 6th Unselect Committee come as no surprise. The panel of departing partisan hacks continued their relentless assault on President Donald Trump after House Democrats already voted to impeach him twice. Chairman Bennie Thompson hypocritically voted to object to President George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004, and Jamie Raskin objected to the certification of Florida’s electors after President Trump’s victory in 2016. Adam Schiff falsely claimed for years that he had proof of Russian collusion. Four members of the committee won’t return to Congress in 2023. Due process was disregarded while facts and witnesses were manipulated, all to support a pre-determined outcome for purely political reasons.

The continued demonization of President Trump is an attempt to cover up for the disastrous open border, reckless spending, and projecting American weakness abroad policies of President Joe Biden.”