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Mooney Deserves Our Support

The Journal

Beverly Van Metre’s letter from March 22, 2020 attacking Congressman Alex Mooney on his response to the coronavirus is wrong. Here are some facts: On March 4, Congressman Mooney voted for $8 billion in supplemental funding to help combat the virus. Meanwhile, the bill that Ms. Van Metre touts — Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 6201 — was written behind closed doors and without any input from other Members of Congress.Now we see why Speaker Pelosi is writing bills “in the dark” to supposedly combat the virus. Just as Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats were coming up with a bill to help our economy from the pandemic, Speaker Pelosi scuttled the whole agreement over the weekend.
She presented a new, mammoth 1,404 page bill filled with ideological wishes, such as taxpayer funding for abortion-provider Planned Parenthood and support for the so-called “Green New Deal.” How do these items help combat the virus and fix our economy? The bipartisan bill that was negotiated in the Senate and was expected to pass early on Monday was suddenly dead. Democrats in the Senate, dug in to comply with Speaker Pelosi’s list of Leftwing demands, including, unfortunately, our own Senator Joe Manchin.
While Congressman Mooney is working in good faith to tackle the virus and economic problems, Nancy Pelosi and her supporters are playing political games with our nation. Congressman Mooney deserves our continued support and not baseless attacks.