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Mooney Demands Transparency and Fairness in Presidential Election Vote Count

WASHINGTON – Today Congressman Alex X. Mooney (WV-02) issued the following statement urging every legal vote be counted in this presidential election:
I am proud of West Virginia for having a fair, accurate and transparent Election Day. In this presidential election, we’ve witnessed a lack of transparency in some other states that disgraces the integrity of our national election.
Leading up to Election Day, highly biased polls discouraged conservative voters. For example, The Washington Post-ABC poll on October 28 claimed that President Trump was down by seventeen points in Wisconsin. A Quinnipiac poll on November 2 reported Biden winning by four points in Ohio. A CNN poll reported on October 21 that President Trump was down by ten points in Pennsylvania. These polls are far outside their claimed margin of error and, intentional or not, result in discouraging Republicans from voting.
Transparency is integral to the American election process. In Pennsylvania and in Michigan, for example, poll watchers for President Trump are being prevented from observing the ballot count, resulting in widespread distrust.
The Democrat Secretary of State in Pennsylvania, declaring an emergency and overriding state laws, unilaterally declared that Pennsylvania ballots could be received up to three days after Election Day, even without a postmark. Democrat state officials are undermining the integrity of this election when they violate laws in order to benefit their party.
I agree with President Trump that every legal vote must be counted to ensure the integrity of our election process.