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Mooney defends life in the womb

The Inter-Mountain

We must protect human life in the womb. That’s why I’m glad Congressman Alex Mooney recently introduced the Life at Conception Act, which would, as the title suggests, define human life as beginning at conception.

To use the Congressman’s own words, this bill would also “require protection for the preborn under the 14th Amendment, which grants all citizens equal protection under the law and prevents them from being deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” If passed, this would extend legal personhood to the unborn and would guarantee them the same rights afforded to all people under the Constitution. It would also promote a culture of life.

Congressman Mooney has time and again proven his dedication to supporting the pro-life cause, and his Life at Conception Act serves as evidence to that fact. Protecting the right to life is a bedrock principle in our society; without life, there is no liberty or happiness to pursue.

Democrats like to call themselves the “party of science.” Congressman Mooney shows us that science, common sense and religious conviction all can support the protection of the innocent in the womb.

Carolyn Jackson