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Federal legislators expect changes to COVID unemployment benefits


CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – When Congress goes back to Washington D.C. this week, there will be more work on another COVID-19 aid package.

One of the top items on the agenda, is whether a $600 weekly supplement to unemployment benefits will be continued past the July 31st expiration date, or perhaps a lower amount. That money is in addition to state unemployment benefits. On Sunday, “Inside West Virginia Politics,” spoke with two members of the West Virginia Congressional delegation. Those two stated they don’t believe the full benefits will continue.

“In many instances it was more money than they made when they were working. That was not the intention but it was the way the system worked out in that COVID package. And I think that will be corrected. I do not think the $600 dollars will continue,” said Senator Joe Manchin, (D-WV)

The Democrat-controlled House has already passed an additional $3 trillion in COVID-19 aid but leaders of the Republican-controlled Senate explain there is no chance that bill can pass the upper chamber.

“Folks are actually making more money being on unemployment, than working. And if we’re trying to re-open this economy, and businesses want to hire their employees back, they’re having a hard time,” said Representative Alex Mooney, (R-WV 2nd).

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