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Congressman Mooney Commends State Lawmakers on Healthcare Exchange Legislation


Wednesday January 28, 2015


CONTACT: Jon Conradi

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Congressman Mooney Commends State Lawmakers on Healthcare Exchange Legislation

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Republican Congressman Alex Mooney (WV-2) commended the West Virginia Legislature for voting to place control of future healthcare exchange decisions at the state level.   

“West Virginians have had enough of the President’s onerous healthcare law which has caused monthly premiums to skyrocket and thousands to lose their insurance plans.  Hardworking West Virginia taxpayers deserve to keep their doctors and manage their family budgets without mandates from the federal government.  Yesterday, legislation was passed in Charleston to allow West Virginia to better determine its own healthcare future.  This is a great step towards providing a better future for our citizens.”

West Virginia currently operates its healthcare exchange in a partnership with the federal government.  The legislation passed yesterday would give the state legislature the ability to set up a state controlled exchange.  A state exchange would have greater autonomy in protecting the interests of West Virginia taxpayers.

“On the federal level, I came right out of the gate in the new Congress with a one-two punch to provide West Virginia families and small businesses immediate relief from Obamacare.  I was proud to co-sponsor legislation to restore the 40-hour work week and repeal the Medical Device Tax – two of the worst elements of Obamacare. I will continue to support bills to dismantle the disaster that is Obamacare as l work towards a full repeal.”