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Congressman Mooney Blasts President Obama Veto of Keystone Bill


Tuesday February 24, 2015


CONTACT: Jon Conradi

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Congressman Mooney Blasts President Obama on Keystone Veto – Implications for West Virginia


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Alex Mooney blasted President Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL Approval Act which passed both the House and Senate with wide bipartisan margins. 

“With the veto of the Keystone XL, President Obama has firmly planted his banner behind radical environmentalists.  Republicans and Democrats came together this year and passed this common-sense bill to create thousands of new jobs and reduce energy prices for hardworking American families.”

“President Obama’s obstructionism towards creating energy jobs continues to harm West Virginia.  With multiple pipeline projects planned in our state, this veto must strengthen our resolve to continue to fight for good paying energy jobs in West Virginia.”

Congressman Mooney was one of 30 cosponsors of the Keystone XL Pipeline Act and is a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources.