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Congressman Alex X. Mooney Statement on Omnibus Vote

Today was a disorganized mess in the House of Representatives. Democrats dropped 2,700 pages of bill text in the middle of the night totaling over $1.5 trillion in spending. Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again held the House Floor hostage to negotiate her liberal agenda. When the Democrats did finally come to a consensus, they decided to spend trillions more of your hard-earned dollars. Democrats are adding to the $30 trillion national debt with no plans of slowing down their record, spending is reckless and threatening the economic health of the nation.

I voted in favor of prohibiting the United States from buying Russian foreign oil and tightening sanctions on Vladimir Putin. The United States must continue to support our allies while also ensuring we increase American energy production going forward. Added domestic investment should be made in the West Virginia coal industry to expand access to beautiful clean coal around this great nation.