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Congressman Alex X. Mooney Statement on H.R. 256

WASHINGTON – Congressman Alex X. Mooney (WV-02) today issued the following statement on H.R. 256: 

“Today I voted in favor of H.R. 256 to repeal the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) in Iraq. This resolution provided authority for military action against Saddam Hussein’s regime. Almost twenty years later, the threats against the United States have changed and we should remove this outdated resolution from the law. 

“I am a strong believer in constitutional checks and balances. Article I of the Constitution clearly states that Congress shall have the power to declare war and I believe that responsibility should remain with Congress, just as our founders intended. I have previously voted to repeal the Iraq AUMF in 2019 and 2020. 

“If President Biden, or any President, believes that continued military action is necessary, he should come to Congress and make his case. At that point, the House of Representatives should vote on whether to send American servicemen and women into harm’s way.”