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Congressman Alex X. Mooney Statement on Electoral College Certification

WASHINGTON – Congressman Alex X. Mooney (WV-02) today voted to object to the certification of electors from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where the laws and state legislature were subverted or ignored. Federal law (3 U.S. 15) gives Congress the ability ensure that electors were “lawfully certified” and question the lawfulness of the certification. In Pennsylvania:
  • The Democratic majority on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unilaterally changed the law to allow absentee and mail-in ballots up to three additional days after Election Day.
  • The Democrat Secretary of State abused her power to violate the law to prevent the verification of signatures on absentee ballots.
  • The Democrat Secretary of State violated state law by extending the deadline to provide missing proof of identification.
“Despite today’s disgraceful and unlawful attacks on the U.S. Capitol, Congress reconvened to finish our work.
“Congress has a crucial rule to serve as a check and balance on out-of-control state officials who unilaterally change their state’s laws without a legislature’s consent. Congress should not accept electors from states where laws were violated, state constitutions were ignored and the legislature was subverted.
“It is not out of the ordinary for electors to be debated. In 2001, 2005 and 2017 Democrat members of Congress objected to electors from a number of states that Republicans won.
“I believe this debate is crucial to ensure the continuance of free and fair elections in America. Our Republic will not survive if partisan courts and bureaucrats make the law by decree rather than obeying laws made by state legislatures whom were duly elected by the people.
“I also signed an objection to counting electoral votes for the State of Nevada because it is important that we have a debate about serious allegations of nearly 4,000 non-citizens voting. Finally, I voted to accept the electors from Arizona because I believe the state certification was lawfully given,” said Congressman Mooney.