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Congressman Alex Mooney Tours Appalachian Timber Services

Congressman Alex Mooney Tours Appalachian Timber Services


Congressman Alex Mooney, representing West Virginia's 2nd district,  toured Appalachian Timber Services in Braxton County on Wednesday.

Appalachian Timber Services provides high quality treated and manufactured products for the rail road industry. They produce cross ties and switch ties, bridge ties, and timber crossings.

Mooney said visiting businesses gives him good ideas to take back to Washington D.C.

“I appreciate them pointing out some tax credits that have been important to the industry here in Braxton County. Their growth, this is a growing industry, they have to opportunity here to grow more, and the federal government can help with that by actually loosing some regulations in healthcare,” said Mooney.

Mooney also said that Appalachian Timber Services is helping to keep manufacturing jobs in West Virginia.

 “There are two main treating facilities in the United States, treating companies, and we are one of the seven independent companies that are left,” said Rick Gibson, vice president of sales and marketing for Appalachian Timber Services.

West Virginia has two independent treating companies in the state. Appalachia Timber Services averages about 250,000 cross ties a year.

“We have expanded our business into a manufacturing business, so not only do we supply the cross ties to the rail road, we supply them with the manufacturing material that the need such as bridges, road crossings, any kind of specialty work that is required by the rail road,” said Gibson.

Gibson also said there is risk when growing from a small business to a large business. Appalachian Timber Services is looking to grow and expand its services in the future.