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Congressman Alex Mooney Introduces Legislation to Prevent Biden Administration from Federalizing State Elections

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Alex X. Mooney introduced legislation that would nullify President Biden’s Executive Order 14019 (misleadingly titled, “Promoting Access to Voting”) and limit federal overreach by the executive branch into state election administration. This legislation comes on the heels of West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner’s request to rescind the Executive Order directing federal agencies to make plans conducting state-level voter registration services.

Secretary Warner has been a leader ensuring West Virginia conducts free and fair elections and has visited Capitol Hill to advocate for state election security. Congressman Mooney and Secretary Warner have both advocated for election integrity and for allowing each state to remain in control of its elections as was intended by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.

“The federal government has no business forcing itself into the West Virginia’s voter registration process,” said Congressman Alex Mooney. “I am proud to introduce this bill in Congress to return sole authority on this issue to the states, where it belongs. The Biden Administration’s Executive Order really is a directive to put plans into place through which the federal government duplicates state voter registration activities and could further undermine confidence in our elections.”

“State legislatures are the appropriate places to have these discussions,” said West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner. “This Executive Order is an improper federal overreach.”

“This misplaced initiative will ultimately duplicate and complicate existing state programs, and without a state requesting such assistance, the directive will be unlawful and unnecessary.  These actions from the Biden Administration are not based in our Constitution nor are these federal agencies Congressionally authorized to engage in voter registration activity by federal law,” Warner said.

BACKGROUND: Secretary Warner recently penned a letter to President Biden asking the President to rescind the Executive Order and to keep the federal government out of the states’ voter registration process.

A copy of Secretary Warner’s letter to President Biden can be viewed HERE.