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Congressman Alex X. Mooney Opposes Motion to Vacate

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Alex X. Mooney voted against the Motion to Vacate Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Congressman Mooney said of his vote, “Republicans need to have 218 votes, or a majority of those present and voting, for Speaker so we can continue our work to end the socialist Biden agenda. While I agree that the House should have taken up and passed 12 single subject government spending plans before the deadline, I did not believe that a Speaker fight was the best tactic right now.”

Mooney added, “House Republican leadership needs to do what they promised to do on the debt limit and government spending. It is not unintentional that we have once again kicked the can down the road with a stopgap spending measure, known as a Continuing Resolution.
“Bidenomics has led to record high inflation taking money out of the pockets of hardworking West Virginians every time they buy groceries or fill up on gas. The House cannot waste a minute working to cut wasteful Washington spending and stopping President Biden’s extreme environmental policies and weaponization of the Department of Justice against his political enemies.”

“I look forward to supporting a Republican Speaker who will use the power of the purse to help save America.”