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Press Releases

March 6, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Republican Congressman Alex Mooney (WV-2) praised members of the West Virginia State Legislature for voting with large, bipartisan majorities to override Governor Tomblin’s veto of Pain-Capable legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks. “Delegates and Senators in Charleston, from both parties, have taken bold action to protect the lives of the most defenseless among us. I want to congratulate the members of the legislature who supported this law for their dedication to protecting unborn babies, despite the veto from the Governor.”
March 3, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Alex Mooney voted against a resolution which would allow funding for the President’s illegal executive amnesty.
March 2, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Alex Mooney welcomed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel back to Washington ahead of the Prime Minister’s address to a joint meeting of Congress tomorrow.
February 24, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Alex Mooney blasted President Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL Approval Act which passed both the House and Senate with wide bipartisan margins. “With the veto of the Keystone XL, President Obama has firmly planted his banner behind radical environmentalists. Republicans and Democrats came together this year and passed this common-sense bill to create thousands of new jobs and reduce energy prices for hardworking American families.”
February 17, 2015 Press Release
CHARLES TOWN, W.V. – “It is my sincere hope that as the derailment situation progresses we continue to avoid any serious or life-threatening injuries,” said Congressman Alex Mooney. “I believe the top priorities now are to protect downstream citizen’s clean drinking water and contain further spillage. I stand ready to work with first responders and federal regulators on the scene to determine the cause of the incident and to return evacuated residents to their homes as swiftly as safety allows." “My offices are ready to help with any citizens’ concerns or questions, if there is anything we can do please call us.”
February 11, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Republican Congressman Alex Mooney (WV-2) and the House of Representatives will vote to approve final passage of the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act. The bill, having passed the House and Senate, will go to the President who has repeatedly threatened a veto. Congressman Mooney spoke today during debate on the bill saying in part*:
February 10, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Mooney applauded the announcement that Procter & Gamble plans to build a million square-foot manufacturing plant in Berkeley County. “I am excited to announce the Procter & Gamble Company project which promises to create over 1,000 construction jobs and 700 permanent, good-paying manufacturing jobs. This is great news for the people of the Eastern Panhandle who stand to benefit from tremendous economic growth as a result of this project.”
February 9, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Each spring, a nation-wide high school arts competition is sponsored by Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Artistic Discovery Contest is an opportunity to recognize and encourage the artistic talent in the nation. Today, Congressman Mooney invited students from West Virginia’s 2nd district to participate.
February 3, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Republican Congressman Alex Mooney (WV-2) will vote for H.R. 596 to repeal Obamacare in its entirety. The bill calls on Congress to provide alternative, patient-centered healthcare solutions for the American people.
February 2, 2015 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Congressman Alex Mooney (WV-2), a member of the House Committee on the Budget, released the following statement today on President Obama’s proposed 2015 budget. "As usual, the President is playing politics rather than offering serious solutions to the American people. The President’s irresponsible plan calls for nearly $4 trillion in federal spending while running a $474 billion deficit. The plan also calls for $320 billion in new taxes on the American people. The President’s plan for higher taxes and reckless spending will hurt hardworking taxpayers.”